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April 2021 News 

This year is going better for us as far as puppy production.  We've had two litters of six healthy puppies, so there are 12 happy new owners so far this year.  And we have just bred another girl.  I have opened up the waiting list for additions again, and it has become pretty long again.  But you're welcome to apply to be added if you are ready to wait for a puppy.  Several shows have finally been scheduled in MI, so we will be starting that again beginning the end of next month.  Unfortunately, at this time, they are still saying no spectators, only those entered in the show are being allowed in.  Hope everyone has a nice summer in spite of the remaining restrictions we must follow.

Show News


April 26 - Birch Run, MI - Faith wins Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Bred By Exhibitor and Group One Bred By Exhibitor for a 3 point major which makes her a NEW CHAMPION!  She is now officially Champion SnugglePugs Faith Everlasting.

Aug thru Sept.  We've gone to several shows and now have two girls almost finished, and Woody has 19 of his 25 Grand Champion points.  Our BIG show news is we attended the PDCA Nationals in Chattanooga the week of Sept. 15.  Our best wins were our little 5 mo. old SnugglePugs Patria (by Woody out of Ch. Why-Nonna) was BEST PUPPY of all the males and females in the 4-6 mos. Beginner Puppy class.  Then our SnugglePugs Faith Everlasting was WINNERS BITCH for a 5 point major!  We are so proud!  Brenda also showed friend Jackie's Krissy in the Open Fawn class and got 2nd, and our Rainy (Woody x Joy) got 5th of 13 in her class.  Woody was in the huge Best of Breed class and showed nicely but no award.  We have a few more shows to go to so we're hoping to finish the girls.

July 12 - Marshall, MI - WOODY IS A CHAMPION!!!  Thank you judge Sandy Wheat.  The next day, Woody was Best of Breed, and the next he was Best of Opposite Sex - so he also has a good start on his Grand Championship!

May - Corunna, MI - Woody is Best of Winners for 2 points.  Just that last major to go to be CHAMPION.


June - Traverse City - Three days - Woody WD, BOW once, RWD twice; Joy WB, BOS twice; Faith WB, BOS once, her first points.

May - Faith enters ring for first time, fun match, BEST PUPPY IN MATCH!

April 28 - Our Joy (SnugglePugs Joie De Vivre) is Best of Winners and Best of Opposite sex  in Birch Run for a 3 point major!

March - Our grand-pug, Ch. Genesis Bonnie Bluebell, is now GRAND CHAMPION Genesis Bonnie Bluebell!


November 2-6 - Dahtay is WB, BOW, one day, and RWB on two other days.
November 11-13 - SnugglePugs Joie De Vivre "Joy" (Gr. Ch. Firehouse Shayna Lahava/SnugglePugs Dahtay Navet)wins her first point at the Muskegon KC show in Kalamazoo.  She was RWB the other two days.

September 16 - Great Lakes Toy Club - Woody is Best Puppy.
September 17 - St. Clair KC - Woody is Winners Dog for 1 point.

August 6 - Sturgis KC - Woody is Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2.  Also went Group 1 in the B Match.
August 20 - CIPC Specialty - Woody is Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4.  Also was Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes.
August 21 - Anderson KC - Woody is Winners Dog for a 4 point major!

July 17 - Holland MI KC - Dahtay is Best of Winners for one point.
July 18 - Battle Creek KC - Woody is Best of Winners for one point

June 17 - Traverse City KC - Our new black male puppy, Woody, wins his first point in and is BOB.
June 18 - Traverse City KC - Woody wins another point and Best Puppy, Dahtay wins a point.
June 19 - Traverse City CK - Dahtay wins a point and is BOB


November 14 - Grand Rapids KC - Dahtay was WB, BOW and BOS.
November 12 - Greater Muskegon KC - Grand Rapids, MI - Dahtay was WB and BOS.

November 6 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Autumn Breeze of SnuglePugs is WB for a 4 point major!
November 4 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Autumn Breeze of SnugglePugs is WB.

October 30 & 31 - Kennel Club of Riverside, CA - Both days Jack is BOW, Naomi is Reserve WB

October 10 - Toy Dog Fanciers of San Diego - Jack is BOB!
October 9 - Toy Dog Fanciers of San Diego - SnugglePugs Sir Jacques (Jack) and SnugglePugs Sweet Naomi (Naomi) are both Reserve Winners.

September 26 - CO - Arapahoe KC - Chowder is BOW.
September 25 - CO - Arapahoe KC - Chowder is WD.

September 17 - Mason, OH - Pug Dog Club of America National Specialty - Dahtay is 2nd in American Bred class.
September 14 - Mason, OH - Bluegrass Pug Fanciers Specialty - Dahtay is 1st in American Bred class.

September 12 - Evergreen, CO KC - Chowder is BOW.
September 10 - CO - Mile-Hi KC - Chowder is BOW.

August 21 - Muncie, IN - Leelee is WB for a three-point major.

August 20 - Muncie, IN, Central Indiana Pug Club Specialty - Wynonna is WB for a 4-point major and is now a NEW CHAMPION!  We moved her up to Best of Breed, and she got two Selects for 3 points, 1 major, towards her Grand Championship.

July 17 - Eagle, CO - Chowder is BOW, BOS

July 11 - Monroe, MI - Dahtay is WB, BOS
July 10 - Monroe, MI - Wynonna is WB, BOB.

July 4 - Lima, OH - Autumn is WB, BOS.

June 18, 19, & 20 - Traverse City shows - Wynonna is Winner's Bitch, BOB, Fri. and Sat., Dahtay is Res. WB.  Sunday, Dahtay is Winner's Bitch, Wynonna Reserve.

June 19 - Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Show - Mixon is Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex.

June 19 - Bahia Sur KC, Chula Vista, CA - Wynonna's sister, Naomi, is Reserve Winner's Bitch.

June 12 & 13 - Mt. Pleasant shows - Dahtay Res. Winner's Bitch both days, Wynonna Winner's Bitch on Sunday.

June 13 - Colorado Springs KC - Chowder is Winner's Dog for 2 points.
June 12 - Colorado Springs KC - Chowder is Reserve Winner's Dog.

May 31 - Wynonna is again Winner's Bitch for another 3 point major.
May 30 - Our Wynonna is Winner's Bitch for a 3 point major in Kalamazoo, Charlotte Patterson, renowned pug breeder/judge..
May 29 - Autumn (Hank/Lacy) is Reserve Winner's Bitch (to a major) at Kalamazoo show.  Co-owned by Cindi Holroyd and Joan Yerkie.

May 15 - Our Wynonna (Hank/Sundee) goes Winner's Bitch and Best of Breed in Midland

April 16 - Our Dahtay's sister, Gidget (SnugglePugs Lil Surfer Girl) won her first points - a 4 point major! - and Best of Opposite Sex, at the Harrisburg, PA show, owned by Rita Oates.

April 11- CO - Terry Hill KC - Heidi Hick's Chowder goes to his first AKC show, was Reserve Winner on Sat., and Winner's Dog Sunday for his first 2 AKC points. (Judge Joe Walton)

April 10 - Our Dahtay (Mayo/Leelee) was Reserve Winner at Birch Run, MI.

April 9 - Central Carolina Pug Dog Club Specialty - Mixon (Aviator's Mixon Buziness With Pleazure) was Best of Winners for a 4 point major!  Owned by Bonny Allegro, bred by Roger and Lynne Harder. (Judge Rebecca Harrison)

March - CO - Heidi Hicks'  SnugglePugs Sum Like It Hot@Rolypoly ("Chowder" -  a Hank/Jolie son) finished his International Championship by taking two Best of Breed and Group 2's.  Heidi also received information that Chowder was ranked #7 UKC Pug for 2009 and has been invited to the UKC Top Ten Finals in July in Indiana.  Heidi is starting him next month in AKC showing.

March - CA - Donna Holland's SnugglePugs Sir Jacques (Mayo/Leelee) wins his first point.


November 21-22 - Colorado - Heidi Hick's Chowder went to his first show (UKC) and won several BOB's and 2 Group 4's.  Great start for Chowder (SnugglePugs Sum Like It Hot@Rolypoly - Hank/Jolie son)
November 8 - North Carolina - New Champion! Bonny Allegro's Beau FINISHED his championship, he is now Ch. SnugglePugs Beauregard.
November 8 - Grand Rapids Show - Dahtay got her first point.
November 7 - Grand Rapids Show - Ty was Winner's Dog, and Dahtay was Reserve Winner's Bitch.
November 6 - Grand Rapids Show - Ty was Reserve Winners Dog, and Wynonna was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex.

October 31 - Pug Dog Club of America National Specialty - Leelee and daughters were FIRST in the Brood Bitch Class.
October 27 - Central Carolina Pug Specialty - Our Leelee with her two daughters, Dahtay and Gidget from MD, were third in the Brood Bitch Class. 
Also, at these shows, Mixon (see Aug. 6-9 below), won two firsts and two thirds in the classes and sweepstakes.

October 3 - NEW CHAMPION!  Denali has finished her Canadian Championship!  She is officially Can. Ch. SnugglePugs Adventure To Kalmadray sired by our Ch. Woowoo Your Cheatin' Heart (Hank) and out of our SnugglePugs Majolica (Jolie).    This is Hank's second champion and Jolie's first.  To see Denali's pictures, go to my "photos" page label - sub-heading "show photos" will appear, click on that.

Aug 6-9 - News from Bonny Allegro - North Carolina - she has begun showing her new male puppy, Mixon (all SnugglePugs bloodlines, bought from Aviator Pugs) - He won some points shortly after turning six months, and this past weekend got a 3 point major, a reserve to a major, Best Puppy twice, and Puppy Group 3.  Her two females picked up a major and a reserve to a major, Bonny had a great weekend!

Aug 1 & 2 - At the Marshall, MI, show, we showed Ty (reg. as Extreme Makeover) for his owners, he is a Hank son out of a Mayo daughter - he was WD, BOW Sat., and WD on Sun. for his first points.  He is 6-1/2 mos. old!  See photo on our "For Sale" page - yes, he is FOR SALE to a loving show home.
          - Also at the Marshall show, a female we sold to Cindi Holroyd (Autumn Breeze of SnugglePugs - by Hank/Lacy) was WB on Sat. for her first point.
          - Also at the Marshall show, in the puppy match, our 4 mo. old Dahtay (Mayo/Leelee) was BOB and Group 1!

July - Denali (Hank/Jolie) is a black girl we sold as a pup to Jenny Duffy in CAN.  She won a point earlier this year, then at the recent Kinston shows she was Winner's bitch and Best of Winners (2 pts) at the Toy Dog Specialty, and on Sunday she was Winners Bitch again (2 pts.) and Best of Opposite Sex over a frequent-winning special.  All the ones she beat were fawn.  UPDATE - 9/2009 - Denali is now up to 8 points!  Should finish soon.

06/08 - Joseph wins a Group 2 at the Shenandoah Valley KC, Harrisonburg, VA.

03/21 - NEW CHAMPION!  Joseph has finished - he is now officially Ch. SnugglePugs Proud As A Peacock.  Purchased as a pup by Rita Oates, MD.  Sire is Ch. Woowoo Your Cheatin Heart, dam is Kelly (by Ch. Bayvue's Cinco De Mayo).


02/07-02/10 - Went to the Indy Winter Classic in Indianapolis.  We showed Leelee and Beau made his debut.  We did not win any points, but the kids placed okay.  Friday was a Pug specialty, and Leelee got a 2nd in her large class.  Beau did very well for his first time out, and was the youngest in his class, just turned 7 months.  He placed every day, including a 2nd. of 5 and 3rd of 6.
5/10-5/11 - Midland show.  Leelee was Best of Winners on Sat., and Beau was Reserve Winner.  On Sunday, Beau was Best of Winners, and Leelee was Reserve Winner.  Sheik showed for his first time in the fun match Friday night and won the Toy Group!  (Age 3 mos.)
5/17-5/18 - Flint show.  Leelee was Best of Breed on Sat. and Beau was Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex.  On Sunday, Beau was Best of Breed, and Leelee was Best of Opposite Sex.
5/23-5/26 - Kalamazoo show.  Beau won his class every day, was Winner's Dog for a major on Friday, and was Reserve Winner's Dog on Sunday.  Leelee was 2nd three days, and won her class and was Reserve Winner's Bitch on Sunday.
5/31 - Beau was Winner's Dog at Toledo show.  Sheik went in the puppy match and won the Toy Group (He's now 2 for 2 in Groups).  Leelee not shown due to no majors.
6/14 - Traverse City - Beau was Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, and Best Puppy.  Jolie was entered as a numbers filler - she was Winner's Bitch, her first point.  At the fun match the night before, Jolie won Best Adult in Match, and Sheik won the Toy Group - again!
6/15 - Traverse City - Beau was Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex. 
6/20 - Valpariso Popcorn cluster - Beau was Reserve Winners Dog on Thurs., Friday at the puppy match, Sheik got Group 1 AGAIN!!!  #4!!!
8/4 - Got word from Bonny, Beau's new owner in NC, that she has won with him a couple days this past weekend, and he now just needs that last 3 pt. major to finish his championship.  GO BEAU!
8/14 - We went to the Central Indiana Pug Club Specialty, Sheik and Leelee both won their class there.
8/31 - Just got word that Joseph (SnugglePugs Proud As A Peacock) got a major today!!  WOOO HOOO!  He now just needs a 3 pt. major to finish.
10/19 - SnugglePugs Albert Pugstein got a major in IL today.  He now also just needs that last 3 point major to finish, like his son, Beau.


04/04  -  A win in his first show on the East Coast, Joseph makes a great start for his new owner.
04/07  -  We went to the Birch Run show in our motorhome - it snowed all weekend!  Water froze, but we got it thawed ok.  Leelee was Reserve Winner, her aunt (Hank's sister) was Winner, and her uncle (Hank's brother) was Best of Breed.  A family affair!
04/23 -  Joseph wins again.
05/12 -  Leelee goes to Midland and wins Best of Winners, her FIRST POINT.
05/21 - Another win for Joseph.
07/14 - Leelee goes Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex and wins another point.
08/04 - Betty and her mother, Kelly, both make their showring debut at the Marshall B Match.  Betty got Puppy Group 4, and mom, Kelly, got Adult Group 1.  Will be showing both in regular shows in the future.  Betty is still available to a good show home, available only because we have too many right now.
08/17-08/19 - Joseph is BOW all three days.
08/19 - Our Hank's litter brother, Billy Ray (Ch. Woowoo Achy Braky Heart) goes Best In Show in Indiana.
09/02 - Leelee is WB and BOS in Chelsea, MI.  Uncle Billy Ray is there and wins BOB every day and Group 4 on Sat.
09/02 - Kroepel's Deuce Is Wild is Winners Dog at the Canadian Nationals.  He is sired by our Ch. Bayvue's Cinco De Mayo.
09/14 - Leelee is WB, BOS at Great Lakes Toy Club Specialty Show.
09/14 - Kelly is Reserve WB at Great Lakes Toy Club Specialty Show.
09/15 - Leelee is WB at St. Clair KC show.
09/15 - Kelly wins Open class at St. Clair KC show.
09/16 - Leelee is WB at St. Clair KC show.
09/16 - Kelly is Res. WB at St. Clair KC show.
09/14 - Sircard's Court Jester is BOW, BOS (over special) at Wichita KC show.  His sister, Sircard's Woodland Sprite, is WB.  They are out of two SnugglePug-bred parents bought from us as puppies.
09/15 - Sircard's Court Jester is BOW, BOS (over specials) at Hutchinson KC show.
09/16 - Sircards Court Jester is RWD at Salina KC show.
09/28 - Joseph is Best of Winners on East Coast, 2 pts.
09/28 & 09/29 - Leelee is Res. Winner on Sat. and Best of Winners on Sunday at the Monroe KC show.
09/24-09/29 - Nationals Week - Leelee's uncle Billy Ray wins two Awards of Merit.


04/08/06 - First show of the year for us - Saginaw Valley KC - HANK WINS A 4 POINT MAJOR AND FINISHES HIS CHAMPIONSHIP!
05/13/06 - Albert Pugstein wins his first point at the Midland, MI show.
05/20/06 - Albert wins again, both days in Flint, MI.  And Sat., he went BEST OF BREED, and then on to a GROUP 3!!!!!  GO ALBERT!
07/15/06 - Albert gets another point at Greater Muskegon KC, Hudsonville, MI
08/06/06 - SnugglePugs Lucky Lindy (fka Pepe) wins Best of Winners for a 3 point major, his first show weekend!  Marshall, MI.
09/01/06 & 09/03/06 - Lindy gets two more points at Marquetts.
09/02/06 - Albert gets another point at Marquette.
9/10 thru 9/17 - Albert wins two 4ths in his classes at the Pug Nationals in WI.  Lindy wins two 2nd places in his sweepstakes classes at Nationals.
09/30 - Lindy wins Best of Winners AND Best of Breed over handler's specials for 3 more points.  Shown by my daughter Brenda Wheeler.
10/01 - Lindy again wins Best of Winners for his second major and now has 11 points.
09/30 &10/01 - Our little Leelee makes her show debut  at 6 mos. of age - gets two 2nd places.
10/21 & 10/22 - Lindy wins both days, and gets BOB on Sunday.  Leelee places 2nd. on Sat., and 1st and Reserve Winner's Bitch on Sunday - YAY LEELEE!
11/10 - Grand Rapids show -Lindy wins Best of Winners, Albert is Reserve and Leelee gets a 1st 
11/11 - Grand Rapids - Lindy wins BOW again and finishes his Championship!!!!  Albert again Res. and Leelee 1st.
11/12 - Grand Rapids - Albert wins BOW, Leelee is Reserve Winner.

New litters photos